Bridge Art Space affiliates Charles Kruger and Scotty Bakke are both artists who got started in mid life. Kruger, a former English teacher in Richmond schools, was 50 years old when he took his first painting class and fell in love with the process. Bakke, an all around handy man who helps maintain the Bridge facilities, began tinkering around in his shop under the influence of artists he met at The Bridge Art Space. Soon he found himself creating free form sculptures of wire and resin.

This month, both local Richmond artists have work on display at Steve Nuss’ Refined By Fire Gallery in Point Richmond as part of the gallery’s Halloween show.

{SLIDE SHOW: Refined By Fire Art Gallery at The Point Richmond Art Walk, Oct 18 2012}

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Along with Kruger and Bakke, the show features work by Dana Albany, Alain Bloom, Francesca Borgata, Douglas Calderon, Lee Milther, Vincent Stephens, Jean Womack and Dan Woodall.

As Halloween approaches, Gallery owner Steve Nuss, an artist himself, will also be featuring his remarkable pumpkin sculptures which are truly a “must see”.

The Gallery will be open for business on Halloween night for a unique trick-or-treating experience.


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