Recently, Bridge hosted nearly a hundred guests for a community breakfast. The crowd included religious leaders, business folk, neighborhood activists, educators and civic leaders.

City council members Jovanka Beckles, Nat Bates and Tom Butt were here to mingle with constituents along with Council candidates Eduardo Martinez and Marilyn Langlois.

Attendees heard speeches from Mayor Gayle McLaughlin, Police Chief Chris Magnus and others while enjoying a catered breakfast from Artisan Kitchen and coffee from Bridge’s brand new espresso cart. (The cart is now in operation every morning. Stop by for a free coffee and say hello.)

The festivities were held in the Bridge Art Space Gallery, where paintings by Bridge affiliate artist Shane Jackson were on display.

The event provided an opportunity for Bridge artists to show off their studios to community movers and shakers while building relationships that matter.

Art doesn’t happen in a vacuum.


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