On November 7, the Arts & Culture Commission of Contra Costa County Arts (AC5) hosted an artists’ reception for Arts Passages 2012, an ongoing curated show presented at the County Administration Building at 651 Pine Avenue in Martinez, California. The show featured several artists from around the county, working in various mediums. The currently selected work will remain on display through November 28th.

Bridge Art Space was in attendance and conducted video interviews of some the displaying artists.

First, here is Carolyn Victoria, managing director of the Commission, to introduce the show:

Carole Dwinell: “Each drawing took anywhere from 40 to 70 or 80 hours.”

John Hopper: “These are probably the four most famous lighthouses there are in the world.”

Saida Hogan Nassirrudin: “This is my favorite because some of the petals have been torn off it. It’s imperfect. To me, that’s what makes it beautiful.”

Laney Nelson: “This is a technique in which you take images… photographs, magazines… and you treat them with a chemical that causes a reaction and that reaction is very unexpected and exciting at times.”

Irina Sztukowski: “A lot of people think that water color has to be loose, and I want to show that water color can be whatever you want it to be.”

Julie Van Wyk: “Hello. I’m Julie Van Wyk. These are my paintings.”

Roz Zinns: “I just love depth of color.”


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