On November 16, Bridge Art Space hosted the opening of Francesca Borgatta‘s interactive exhibit with masks and puppets which will continue at the Art Space through December 30.

Ms. Borgatta began her career in the 1960’s as an apprentice with the famed Bread and Puppet Theater, building large puppets for anti-Vietnam War demonstrations in New York. Later, as a student at Sarah Lawrence, she continued to work with masks and puppets while discovering a passion for the Indian dance tradition of Bharata Natyam and changing her studies to the World Music Program where she could study this ancient form which unites poetry, dance, and music with emotional expression.

Currently, she makes puppets from re-cycled materials and presents them in site-specific installations and performances. She has presented her work at St. Vincent’s Community Center (“Rising from the Waste Stream”), where she taught the staff to make puppets with the available materials. In 2010, she presented “The Story of Puppets” for the Skyline Gallery, making and manipulating puppets with students. At Aspect Gallery in San Francisco, she presented “Figures in Suspension” and “Ships and Shrines”.

She has also presented art events for the East Bay Depot of Creative Re-use and the Berkeley Ecology Center.

Bridge Art Center is proud to host her current exhibit, “Travellers On A Pathway”. Ms. Borgatta will be in residence at BAS through the month of December and will be presenting workshops on December 14, 15 and 22. There will be a closing reception with music and a “Puppet Jam” on December 30.

For further information on the scheduled workshops and closing party, click on these links:

Mask Workshop, Dec 14, 4-6 pm

Dance/Music Improv with Puppets: Dec 15, 6-8 pm

Dance/Music Improv with Puppets: Dec 24, 6-8 pm

Puppet Jam (closing night celebration): Dec 30, 6-10 pm