Excitement is in the air as Bridge Art Space prepares to participate in the annual East Bay Open Studios this Spring. During the first two weeks in June, East Bay  Open Studios connects the public with over 400 artists in 14 cities in the East Bay. This is the largest art event in the region, reaching over 60,000 people.

Screen Shot 2012-12-19 at 10.16.24 AMIf you are an artist who plans to participate, we would like you to join us at Bridge Art Space. We can support you in several ways:

o If you already have a studio with us, and sign up to participate in Open Studios, we will reimburse $60.00 of your open studio fees.

o If you do not have a studio with us and decide to begin renting now, we will deduct the first month’s rent if you sign a six month contract (which would take you through the first two weeks in June.)

o If you do not wish to rent a studio, but would nevertheless like to show your work at BAS during Open Studios, we will provide a space for $10.00 a day for each day of Open Studio (only $30.00 if you join us for all four days).

Artists who show at Bridge Art Space during Open Studios will have the benefit of our advertising (including our freeway visible banner), an opening and closing party, an office equipped to handle all sales by credit card, check or cash, and an enthusiastic and supportive community. On top of all that, Bridge Art Space will be treated as a networked group of artists, which means we will receive a free ad in the 2013 East Bay Directory of Arts (the Open Studios catalog published by ProArts). This goes into effect with a small ad for as few as five artists. The more artists sign up, the larger the ad, up to a full page (for 50 artists).

To sign up for Open Studios with Pro Arts, click here.

To take advantage of the opportunities at Bridge Art Space, contact Daryl Henline at daryl@bridgeartspace.com.