On New Year’s Day, Daryl Henline, manager at Bridge Art Space, hosted a bell ringing ceremony to herald the New Year. It was a celebration of community and the bells could be heard for miles around. Along with the good company and good food, members of the community were invited to share poetry and performance and indeed they did. The videos that follow capture some of this joyous occasion, but to really feel it, you needed to be there of course. Happy New Year to all our friends, and we do hope to see you in the coming months. Ring the bells that still can ring!

[Note: We have divided the video into four short segments, but to best capture the feeling of the day, we recommend you set some time aside and view them all at once. If you find yourself a bit teary at the end, don’t say we didn’t warn you.]

Daryl Henline, Charles Kruger and Richard Loringer:

Richard Page, Richard Stone, Amy Tobin and Tom Stolmar:

Bridge Art Space neighbor Doria and Mimi Heft:

Rusty Rebar accompanied by Richard on the sitar: