Debbie Moore Today

Soon we shall have to say goodbye to Debbie Moore’s lovely installation, “Sensuous Dreams of the Lotus Women”.  As we prepare to put the Lotus Women to rest, Debbie invites you to attend the following events:

Debbie’s exhibition remains on display to view every day from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. in the Bridge Art Space Gallery, excepting October 5th and October 19th.

Additionally, she will be presenting “Mind Treasures” workshops on Sundays, October 13th and October 20th at noon. Debbie’s workshops explore Debbie’s personal yoga of touch, expanded intuition of sound and ecstatic exploration of mindscapes. Workshops are on a donation basis.

Debbie Moore Self Portrait

Finally, on the afternoon of October 20th, following the “Mind Treasures” workshop, Debbie will host a closing celebration to tuck 100 paintings into bed. The celebration will include a sensuous, blindfolded walk through the gallery as participants intuitively find specific portraits that “speak” to them, as well as Debbie’s performance of a group body, psychic reading.

Deb and Nina Curled

Portrait of Meg (Blue)