(Reception: December 6, 4-7 p.m.)

Bridge Art Gallery is proud to present works by Mark Grim + Brian Elder.

Mark Grim received artistic training at Cal State San Francisco (BFA degree) as well as the Massachusetts College of Art. His work has been displayed in more than a dozen group and solo shows, and he has been an artist in residence at the Palce of the Legion of Honor in San Francisco. Mark describes his colorful abstract paintings “[an] attempt to bring together a synthesis of the recognizable and the abstracted”. He is interested, he says, in “the tension between opposites”.

"In The Gulch" by Mark Grim.  (Acrylic on panel, 17X15.)

“In The Gulch” by Mark Grim. (Acrylic on panel, 17X15.)


"The Birth of Cool" by Mark Grim. (Acrylic 16X20.)

“The Birth of Cool” by Mark Grim. (Acrylic 16X20.)










Water colorist Brian Elder describes the subject of his work as “the loneliness of beauty”. He has been a painter for five decades and remarks, “this is not my first rodeo by any means”. He spends significant time painting in wild places. He is interested in looking at “the currents of universal love flowing through everything” and presents his prints and paintings as reflections of that.

"Flicker" by Brian Elder. (Watercolor.)

“Flicker” by Brian Elder. (Watercolor.)

Find more information about Mark and Brian by clicking here and here.