Mosaic artist Daud Abdullah at work on "Bay Peace" at Bridge Art Center.

Mosaic artist Daud Abdullah at work on “Bay Peace” at Bridge Art Space.

There is nothing trashy about artist Daud Abdullah, other than his work. Abdullah is best known for creating colorful mosaics on trashcans in Oakland and Richmond — a unique approach to beautifying the urban landscape.

The City of Richmond calls this work, “Treasureboxes”, and Abdullah creates the trashcan mosaics with his “Treasure Box Academy” — an after school arts program where he teaches urban youth to create mosaic art. The mosaics are created from found stones, bits of glass, broken windows, old china and similar items that might be considered “junk”. Working with “at risk” youth who may sometimes feel as if they’ve been thrown away themselves, he doesn’t fail to communicate the metaphor: you can make art (and a great life) from the most unlikely beginnings and materials.

At Bridge Art Space, he has created a wall-sized mural out of the “trashy” contributions of countless visitors to Bridge. The mural depicts the Golden Gate Bridge, the Bay, and scenes from the city, all drawn together into a colorful tapestry-like creation. The mural includes such whimsical touches as a china plate depicting a portrait of a cat, the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine sailing through the Bay waters, and Dumbo The Elephant flying in the sky over the financial district. Abdullah says that he has hidden many jokes and unlikely items in the mural and hopes that people who stop by will visit the mural often, as they continue to discover new details.

The unveiling is scheduled for Friday, March 6, from 3 to 6 p.m. Scrumptious refreshments will be served. Come join folks from our local community for a pleasant springtime afternoon!