Father and son team Jim and Jeff Wright knew they had to do something when their storage rental facility, Bridge Storage, was operating at only 60% of capacity. Jeff, an art lover, suggested they try converting some of the storage units to art studios. They did that, rented them out to artists and, surprisingly, all of the remaining storage units filled up almost overnight. It seems people want to be around artists.

And that is how Bridge Art Space was born. Soon, we had our own gallery. Musicians set up practice studios. A schedule of art openings was planned. Holidays became occasions for huge parties with artists, musicians, neighborhood guests and storage tenants all participating. Artists from Bridge Art Space began showing their work at other local galleries in Point Richmond. The buzz was on. Soon, some of the storage tenants began creating art of their own. One tenant planted an organic garden. A sculpture garden emerged.

Today, Bridge Art Space is a thriving community of artists. The artists maintain a creative environment that attracts storage tenants; the storage tenants help provide financial support. All together: artists, neighbors, storage tenants, management — we are Bridge Art Space, a unique experiment in growing a creative community that is transforming our neighborhood, supporting artists, inspiring others and doing all this while sustaining itself financially. It is a model for living creatively of which we are very proud.

And the vision keeps expanding. Recently, the Wright’s have purchased multiple unit housing adjacent to Bridge Art Space where they are now providing live/work situations for artists. This program will hopefully expand in the future to include more working creatives.

Bridge Art Space is a wonderful creative home—we even have our own espresso cart! We also have a community kitchen and lounge with its own theater screen and projecting equipment suitable for video installations.

We welcome you to join our community as artist, musician, storage tenant, neighbor or visitor. We encourage you to consider our space as a setting for your musical or artistic event. We would be happy to have you!

Bridge Art Space — Where Artists Build Creative Community